These are the faces behind the stories. These are Dizzy Radio's key contributors.

As Dizzy Radio is not a profitable venture, the least we can do is give credit where it is due. Thank you to everyone who has put in time to make this little project into what it is. 

Eric Wickham

Eric Wickham is a postgraduate journalism student at the Humber College of Integrated Technology and Advanced Learning. He is focusing his studies on broadcast and online streams of journalism but has done work in print - specifically as an assistant editor for the Taylor Publishing group.

You can see more of Eric's work here:

Samantha Singh

Samantha is in her final year in the broadcast journalism program at Humber College. She has previously spent time at Manifesto Magazine, first as an intern and later as an on-camera personality. She contributes, produces and edits segments for the show, and is a key member of the editorial team. The show would not function without her attention to detail. It should also be said that Samantha makes a mean pot of coffee.

Tom Urlich

Tom Urlich writes some of the instrumental music for show. When he's not busy pursuing his career in science, he likes to record instruments and manipulate the sounds until they have their own identity. Ambient drones and dissonant scales are a must, anything else is bonus.


Marino Greco

Marino is a broadcast journalist currently enrolled in the postgraduate journalism program at Humber College. He is a main contributor to Dizzy Radio and you can see more of his work here:

Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs

Charlotte is a key contributor to Dizzy Radio, and sends in some of our favourite stories. She is currently in her final year as a broadcast journalism student in the Humber College postgraduate journalism program Ms. Morritt-Jacobs will soon be leaving Toronto to undergo a placement in Alberta for a real-deal news channel. Hopefully she continues to send in stories as our western correspondent.


Ali Amad

Ali is enrolled in the postgraduate journalism program at Humber College. He has written for and interned at Toronto Life and runs Moviepulse, a film review site. Ali likes movies, and you can check out his website where all he does is review them.